Katrina Atkinson B.A. Hons. Fine Art, A practicing mixed media artist and teacher (BTEC Dip Level 5). 

She runs weekly Art classes for both children and Adults www.arthousecheddar.uk


"My favourite project was the 'Mandala' project because there was many different ways of doing it and it was very attractive to look at!"

Abbie - age 14


My beliefs:

I am enthusiastic about the arts and I believe that we should share the physical and mental skills required to help us make art. Everyone has the ability to be creative if given the right opportunity and encouragement, so my aim here is to share my understanding with anyone who can benefit.


Within today's fast moving world of screens and technology where it is easy to just observe, absorb and 'like', other people's creations, I feel it is now even more important that everyone has the chance to get hands-on and actually make things, enabling them to express themselves through their own personal creativity.


The often undervalued and yet I believe most important aspect of making art is the experience and processes involved in just 'doing it'. Too often people focus on the 'finished piece', however this should only be a guiding light rather than an ambition. We don't all need to become 'great artists' who produce masterpieces in order to become an artist, nor do we need to 'sell art' to validate us as being an artist, in fact we don't really need to be 'an artist' at all, to enjoy the process of creativity.

We can simply enjoy the making, exploring and experimenting processes required for art creation, learning new methods and gaining satisfaction and just like any muscle, if we practice and exercise it enough we will improve our skills and abilities.


Apart from the obvious skills learned through the practice of art, there are many other associated benefits. I am not alone in my belief that art education can help with developing other life skills including; confidence, motor skills, visual learning, problem solving and a sense of satisfaction which can all lead to a more positive wellbeing.


Unfortunately in the U.K, art education is being cut drastically within mainstream schools and therefore I decided to help bridge the gap locally by offering a safe and arty place where students can come and experiment with various art methods from sketching to clay work to print making and more, and exhibit their work at shows throughout the year!


I love sharing my art experience with students of all ages as I get a lot of personal satisfaction seeing individuals progress along their own journey, exhibited through their artwork. This enjoyment inspired me to begin a weekly art class for adults and a while later I opened up another weekly class for youngsters, then a few years on, in September 2016, I took the plunge and opened my very own art school here in Cheddar village Somerset, now running more than 6 classes per week.


I work closely with the local school's art departments and their teachers who are very supportive of my Art School and recommend children from their classes to attend. This collaboration in turn helps the students develop their own academic performance which they then discover benefits them at school.


So here is it is, why I do what I do and what I believe can help so many of you engage with your own creativity through the various media which art had to offer.


If you, like me, feel inspired and excited about doing art, then please feel free to come along and have a chat with me, I'll tell you all I can to help you take action and get into your creativity.


Thanks for reading. 


Kindest Regards,


Katrina X

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