Katrina Atkinson B.A. Hons. Fine Art, A practicing mixed media artist and teacher (BTEC Dip Level 5). 

She runs weekly Art classes for both children and Adults www.arthousecheddar.uk


"My favourite project was the 'Mandala' project because there was many different ways of doing it and it was very attractive to look at!"

Abbie - age 14


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Picasso

We are living through extremely uncertain times with more pressure than ever placed on our young adults and children. From the worries and stress caused by the pandemic and lockdowns on top of navigating today's fast moving world of screens and technology.


At ARTXTRA I offer the opportunity, environment support and encouragement, for all my students to find their own creative voice. In a relaxed, safe atmosphere, I create unique, interesting, sometimes political themes and projects with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of materials, media, skills and techniques.  Children are always welcome to approach subjects or concerns should they wish or simply quietly work on their own Art. Some projects are all about learning techniques others are more thought provoking and some are just for fun. As with any muscle, if we practice and exercise it enough we will improve our skills and abilities.


The children will learn lots and take home a large body of work at the end of each year. When possible we have a showcase exhibition for family and friends to visit. Other associated benefits gained from attending ARTXTRA sessions include; confidence, motor skills, visual learning, problem solving and a sense of satisfaction, belonging to a community which all leads to a more positive mental health and wellbeing!  


Unfortunately over the last ten years the U.K national curriculum has reduced art funding and education within mainstream schools, therefore I hope to help bridge the gap by offering facilities, materials, tuition and time that students may not be able to access in school. ARTXTRA is ideal for Students who are intending or already studying GCSE, those who have not chosen Art as an option in school but enjoy art for fun also for students who need a focus or social interaction. I work closely with the local school's art departments and their teachers who are very supportive recommending children from their classes to attend my Art School.


Please email me for further details: katrina.atkinson.art@gmail.com  

Kindest Regards,


Katrina X